The Person I Admire

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My Father
My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbor and some strangers whom he doesn’t know at all. He has really done a lot for others. I don’t like him to do so because I think it has taken him too much time. When I discourage him, he always says with a smile, “The world needs warm hearts.” My father loves his family, and loves his work even better. In the company, he is called “workaholic”. He spends most of his time working, and he often forgets to have meals or to go to bed. As a result, he doesn’t enjoy good health. Such is my father, I love him very much. I am proud of having so good a father. (134 words)  

[译文]我父亲个子高高的,戴着一副眼镜。大家都说他是个好心肠的人。他经常帮邻居排忧解难,对于一些他压根不认识的陌生人,他也总是尽力相助。他为别人真是付出了许多许多。我不愿意他这么做,因为这花费了他太多的时间。每当我劝阻他时,爸爸总是笑着说:“世界需要热心肠嘛!”     父亲热爱家庭,更注重事业,公司里的人都叫他“工作狂”。他把大部分时间都用于工作,为工作他常常废寝忘食。过度的劳累使他的健康状况欠佳。     这就是我的父亲,我很爱他。我为有这样的好父亲而自豪。  

[点评]本文是很好地运用了首括句的方法,使我们对父亲的特点一目了然。一位严格自律,工作认真,乐于助人,热爱家庭的慈父跃然纸上。从中也感受到浓浓的父子(女)深情。 My Family (1)
I have a big family. There are five people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my two sisters and I. My father is an English teacher. He teaches in a middle school. He loves the job and his students. My mother is a worker. She works in a bicycle factory. The work is very tiring and my mother often looks so tired after work. My two sisters are both middle school students. They are very clever and good at study. I am a college student and my dream is to become an English teacher. I am living in a big happy family. (105 words) [译文]我有一个大家庭,家里有五个成员。他们是父亲、母亲、两个妹妹和我。父亲是一名英语老师,在一所中学教书。他热爱他的职业和所教的学生。母亲是一名工人,在一家自行车厂工作。这份工作十分累人,下班之后母亲总显得满脸倦意。我两个妹妹都在上中学,她们非常聪明,学习成绩优异。我是一名大学生,梦想成为英语教师。我就生活在这样一个快乐的大家庭。  

My Family (2)
My name is Li Hua. I am from a happy family. There are six people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my sister and I. Every member in my family works for his or her own trade. My grandfather and grandmother are peasants. They do farm work every day in my hometown. My father is a senior engineer. He is now working in Tibet, helping to build a power station. My mother is teacher. She teaches English in a middle school. My sister, five years older than I, is doctor in the People’s Hospital of our city. She loves her work and does it well. I am an online college student. I study very hard. I find distance learning is suitable for me. That is my family. All the members in my family live in harmony. We love each other devotedly. (148 words)  

[译文]我叫李华,出生于一个幸福家庭。我家有六位成员:爷爷、奶奶、爸爸、妈妈、姐姐和我。     家里的人各专其事。爷爷和奶奶是农民,在家乡务农。父亲是高级工程师在西藏援建一座发电站。母亲是一名教师,在中学教英语。姐姐比我大五岁,是个医生,在市人民医院工作。她热爱自己的工作,干得很出色。我是网络学院一名大学生。我学习刻苦努力。我觉得远程学习很适合我。     这就是我的家。所有的成员和睦相处,相亲相爱。  

[点评]本文按照从老到少的顺序,对家庭成员逐一介绍。第一段总的说家庭的组成,第二段分别介绍,结尾段以“和睦相处”对家庭进行总结,结构完整。本文语言流畅,词语用得自然、恰当,如:be from, there be, for one’s trade, live in harmony。  
My Hometown (1)
My hometown is a small village in Shandong Province. There are about 50 families in the village, and all of them live in a peaceful life. In spring, there are flowers in the field, and you may find children flying kites on the grassland. They look so happy. In summer, people usually are very busy in the field. They are taking care of the crops. In autumn, it’s time to get in the crops, so you may again find the farmers are busy working in the field. Winter is the time for relaxation, and the villagers will finally have a chance to enjoy themselves. I usually visit my hometown in winter. I love my hometown. (115 words)

Talking About Myself
My name is Li Min . I’m a college student. I am 22 years old. I...
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