The person who can drive me crazy

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Personal life, Thing, Cooking, Complaint / Pages: 2 (550 words) / Published: May 3rd, 2015
Anh-Thu Nguyen
Francis Williams
ENGL 1301
Feb 11, 2015
The person who can drive me crazy
I always try to be nice with everyone. And that personality sometime brings me many problems. One of things that made me regret the most was accepted my classmate, Ivy, became my roommate. She might be a nice person when we just study in the same class and meet couple hours a day. But, everything was different when we live together. I recognized that she was not the one I thought anymore. She changed in negative way. And of course, I turned to hate her so much that living with her became my worst nightmare.
First of all, she made my kindness to become responsibility. In the first year of college, I studied aboard so my dear classmates became my roommates. I would like to cook for my roommates because they didn’t know cooking, and it might also save us some money. However, after months my compassion made Ivy think that cooking was my responsibility. It went bad when she started to complain about all of our outside meal; “You must prepared meal for us, that’s your duty, and you have enough free time to cook everyday”, she said. That make me feel like I was her servant who paid for that job. In consequence, I hate her from that time and everything turned out worse day by day.
One more thing that she pissed me off was her comments about my personal stuffs like shoes, bags, clothes, and also study schedule. Everyone have their own style in everything: eating, clothing, talking. But she just kept giving rude comments about my things. For example, I still remember one time when I had just bought new shoes with my friends. “How can you buy that ugly cloddish shoes like that?” she scorned as soon as she saw it. And not stopping there, she not only judged my things but also complained about my schedule. She always wanted to play the leader in our room and make everything by her direction only. Somehow, she acted like an elder and gave orders what I should and shouldn’t do. I felt like

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