The Person That I Most Admire

Topics: Education, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 30, 2013
The people that I admire most are my parents. They are those people who do everything with excellence and tenacity, and they putting their heart to everything they do. My parents are extremely positive in their thinking and actions. Also, they had the courage to educate and guide their children in the best way. These are just a few qualities that my parents are possess. So, for their tenacity, positivity and courage they are an example to follow in my life.

My parents are tenacious entrepreneurs. They always have projects to help those who need it most. They put their love and dedication in to all the projects they have. For example, Two years ago they had the project to help low-income seniors with the food they need each month, in the city where I grew up in Mexico. Although, they facing some problems, for example in the economic area they faced the problem of not having enough economic funds. But, my parents are tenacious and never give up. So, they worked very hard for this project, and they have the idea to invited other people to participate. So, people responded positive and now because of their tenacity the project is working.

When I talk about positive thinking, I talk about my parents. They think that everything we wants to do we can do it. They are in their early seventies and they are still learning and being updated on the progress the world has. For example they try to learn about technology. Not only for themselves but, they also want their children to improve, and to continue studying. They say that our brain is built to learn something new every day. In addition, I believe that for this reason I continue to studying. I will follow my parents’ example and believe that the best is yet to come.

My parents had the courage to get us out of any tough situation. For example one day my oldest brother was accused erroneously of breaking the law in this country. Although my parents don’t speak English they came to this country to defend their...
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