The Person That Inspire Me

Topics: Responsibility, Individual responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: January 13, 2009
Each person that I have known has taught me something, but a significant amount of what I have learnt and implemented has come from my mom. The fact that my mom has had the greatest influence on me is simply because she is the person who has taught me to be responsible for myself, something which has also helped me to discover who I really am. Her sense of independence is an aspect that has had a profound effect on me; I believe that independence opens up many opportunities because it requires that a person be confident in his identity and that he know his needs, goals, and limitations. My mom was taught to be independent from a very young age – my grandparents are strong, hard-working people who knew that self-sufficiency was necessary if goals were to be achieved. What my mom has always stressed is to lead an active life, pursuing dreams and not waiting for them to materialize. She has a sense of invincibility that enables her to pursue anything without the fear of failure; only the effort is of importance, not the result. From her character, I have learnt that self-reliance and commitment are crucial if anything is to be achieved because even though I may have no control over the outcome of a situation, at least I have the knowledge that everything was done on my part to succeed. Persistence is an essential quality in attaining goals and makes a person realize the value of the dreams he chases. My mom has been through many difficulties, but each has given her greater resolve to get past other challenges. As an anesthesiologist, board certification is a requirement for practice, and when she could not pass her certification exam after many attempts and had to retake the written part as well as the oral part, in spite of her many other responsibilities, she persevered and succeeded. For any other person, it would have been very difficult to continue considering the circumstances. From her experience, I have learnt that if I genuinely want...
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