The Persian Gardener

Topics: Mother, Thought, Family Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The Persian Gardener
Arfan, the gardener, accepted the horses from the Prince. The gardener was so scared of Death that he couldn’t think about anything else but running away to Isfahan. He used to live in Isfahan before, and he knew it was going to be a half-day trip. He was happy that the Prince gave him two horses, so he could ride a cart with both of them almost twice faster. Once he left the Prince’s house, he couldn’t stop thinking about reasons why Death met him. “What have I done to deserve it? “ This question didn’t leave his head. He was an honest, hard-working man, obedient to the Prince and his garden. “I haven’t done anything wrong. It is so unfair”, he repeated over and over again. He always enjoyed riding horses, especially because it helped him a lot to blow off steam. Therefore, in a little bit, that trip calmed him down, and Arfan started to remember all his life from childhood till the day he left Isfahan. He was the youngest child out of five and the only boy in the family. His parents owned a tiny bakery. That’s what his father was the best at, that’s how he fed the whole family. The father was getting very old, and he expected his only son to take over that job. The bakery was damaged a lot during the war; that’s why the father really needed his help. Arfan knew it was necessary and important for the family, but he wanted to live his life making the world more beautiful.He planned to become a gardener. He loved to spend time in the back yard, taking care of grass, bushes, and flowers, and he loved the difference he made. However, his mother and father insisted on Arfan leaving the house, if he disrespected the family and if he didn’t help them. For the last 10 years Arfan was avoiding the slightest thought about that day because he felt like his parents didn’t want him to be a part of the family. They made him leave his home. All he wanted was to do what he loved most. “It couldn’t be that,” he thought. “I had no choice.” On his way...
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