The Perseverance of the African American Society

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The Perseverance of the African American Society

Nakia Gray

ENG 125

Marc McGrath

September 20, 2010

The Perseverance of the African American Society

The African American society has gone through years of challenges and turmoil. Through all the years, African American people have demonstrated the ability to overcome some of the most devastating events. This society of people has shown complete demonstration of perseverance of any society of people to live within the United States of America. With any community, all people are a product of their environment and will conduct themselves according to their society. This stands true with writers as well. I feel writers will write based on their surroundings and their environment. The work of these authors is generated to target certain groups from certain societies, normally the readers can relate to either the author or the story being told.

All of the authors come from different walks, but when it is all said and done, they have similar views and desires. These authors were more about education and opportunity for the individuals which were to come after them. These individuals paved the way for future writers, whether they were to be African Americans or any other groups of people within our societies. They did the things they felt were necessary for other to be successful.

In the story “The Lesson”, written by Toni Bambara, gave a great illustration of what African Americans went through during that particular time period. During the early to mid 1900’s, the author was able to illustrate the life of this society from childhood all the way to adulthood. This story was written in a particular language which was relative to the environment of these children and the neighborhood they were being raised in. The children in “The Lesson” were a definite product of their society. The spoke, walked and conduct themselves according to the way they were raised and taught. The actions and conduct of the adults could be observed within the actions and conduct of the children. The author in this story used a college educated black woman, who took specific interest in helping to develop the young children in her neighborhood. She wanted to teach them that education was important and that they could achieve anything they set their minds to achieve. Miss Moore would take the children uptown to where the upper-class society lived, shopped, and frequent to show the children what other people had. She wanted the children to see that where they were from is who they are, but she also wanted them to understand it did not have to be that way (DiYanni, 2007). She also attempted to stress to the children that poor people had to demand their share of what society had (DiYanni, 2007).

As many of the children of today’s society, they were not very interested in “The Lesson” Miss Moore was attempting to give them. All the children really cared about were enjoying their summer with their friends, going to the movies and neighborhood supermarket. The children did not understand the lesson being taught by Miss Moore, even though she really went out of way to get them to have an understanding. I think this story was a great illustration of the African American society and the author really illustrated the society as it was during that time period. In this story, I wondered if the author was writing about herself as Miss Moore or whether she was writing about herself as a young child growing up in an environment similar to what she illustrated in her story. Either way she did a great job in providing enough information that allowed the reader to become in tune with the story. The details in the story really gave the reader enough information to relate or transfer themselves into the story.

Toni Bambara was from New York; she lived during the mid 1900s. She earned her degree from Queens College. She put much of her efforts into educating young black women and dispelled many of...
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