The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Topics: New York City, Airbus A380, Skyscraper Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 7, 2013
New York Electives

New York City is a city of dreams. All the people in the world want to live in the Big Apple. It is famous for all the symbols present in it, its yellow cabs, its grid pattern, its international population and especially the height of its skyscrapers. This was the thing that impressed me the most; the lights, the billboards, and the huge buildings that I had never seen before transported me.                 I was like an ant in a forest of buildings. Locked in my little cab, we were driving up avenues which you cannot see the end of, and passing in front of buildings which you cannot see the top of. I couldn’t even imagine every person living in each of the windows that I could see, and my eyes were locked on every detail of every simple door, images and restaurant names. I entered my apartment on the 19th floor, another incredible fact, because I had never really lived in a house taller than three floors. At last, my family and I went to eat in a diner nearby, where I ordered quesadillas. When the food arrived, I thought that it was for all five of us but it was only for me. The size of the quesadillas was incredible and I ate only half of them in the end.                 I was coming from a peaceful and simple city that was very different from New York, Madrid. A city in which the tallest building was two hundred meters tall. And the high buildings doesn’t exist, individual houses were the only places people lived in. When I went to the airport, for the first time I was going to fly in the biggest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. Five hundred passengers along with me in a flying monster and going to New York City! I took a cab that looked small with all my family and my luggage to enter a city with interminable buildings and infinite streets. My cab took me to Williamsburg Bridge so I could pass near Times Square, see the magic lights and dream.

My strongest feeling was when in the cab, stuck between my father and the window, a...
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