The Performance Triad

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The Performance Triad

The Beginning of the life changing campaign
• In Afghanistan 2011 Lt. Gen. Patricia D.
Horoho, the Army surgeon general came up
with the idea known as The Performance Triad
• It was brought to America held at a workshop
Sept. 18--21 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

• Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho’s focus is shifting
the ideals of U.S. Army Medical Command
from "a healthcare system to a system for
• The Performance Triad summarizes a simple
truth that all of us need a balance of three
things to build and sustain health

• The Performance Triad is your body’s own
• It’s broken down in 3 major components: Fuel
(Nutrition), Maintenance (Exercise), and
Regeneration (Sleep).
• All 3 of these components require maximum
participation of the other to be fully effective
in maintaining one’s optimal health

The purpose of the Performance Triad
• the Army believes preventive care is crucial in
its quest for healthier Soldiers.
• Long-term health benefits, reducing the risk of
diseases, and reducing the risk of health-care
• This covers 3 major points in the shaping of
the Army. Health, longevity, and improving

Ensuring success of the Performance Triad
• It starts with the NCO
• NCOs are the focus of the Performance Triad
course because Soldiers and squad leaders are
the ones who make things happen

• This revolution in health requires top leader
support and example.
• As a NCO, top priorities include Soldiers who
are ready for their mission at hand. If they
aren’t healthy, or they’re not physically fit
enough to complete the mission, then we have
• The Performance Triad is a tool to be used by

The Components of the Performance Triad



The Importance of Sleep
• Along with diet and exercise, the quality and
quantity of sleep a person gets greatly
influences their quality of life.
• The recommended amount of sleep for the
average adult is 7 to 8 uninterrupted hours
per night.

Physiological Effects of Sleep
• Sleep is an active physiological state during
which the body repairs itself and performs a
variety of important functions:
– Learning and memory
– Growth and Development
– Blood Pressure
– Stress and Metabolism
– Appetite Management

Learning and Memory
• Sleep is important for consolidation of new
information and memory formation.
• People who receive the appropriate amount of
uninterrupted sleep show mental
improvements .
– Positive attitudes
– Significant increase in memory retention.
– Faster and focused reflexes in problematic

Learning and Memory Cont
• By not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, you have
lost 20 percent of your cognitive ability.
• That means you pull your trigger slower, you
drive your vehicle slower, you can’t process
questions as fast, and you’re not able to react
as fast.

Growth and Development
• Secretion of growth hormones and prolactin is
increased during sleep.
• Prolactin plays an essential role in the human body
– Regulates metabolism
– Regulation of the immune system,
– Pancreatic development.  
– Is involved in the regulation of blood clotting through
several pathways
– Essential to the repair and restoration processes of the body.

What is Prolactin?
• Prolactin is a hormone named originally after
its function to promote milk production in
mammals in response to the suckling of young
after birth.  It has since been shown to have
more than 300 functions in the body.  These
can be divided into a number of areas:
reproductive, metabolic, regulation of fluids,
regulation of the immune system
(immunoregulation) and behavioural functions

Growth and development Cont.
• Broken and deficient sleep interrupts and
slows down the secretion of prolactin.
– Results in increased risk of hypertension
– Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
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