The Perfectly Proper Way to Clean Your Dorm Room

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The Perfectly Proper Way to Clean Your Dorm Room

When you first open the door, the lingering scent of soiled socks strikes you in the face. The carpet is crusted with lumpy tomato soup from last week, and you can’t identify exactly where the top of your desk ends and your roommate’s begins. Does this sound familiar to the dorm room you claim as home? Do you feel stressed at the sight of this mess; if so I can help you discover the super-power-cleaning-skills within you. Your room can be fabulously fresh in a Prep and Two Part Clean process. To begin this cleaning method, you’ll start with the prep portion. Each room is different, when it comes to what needs to be cleaned, so your room may not follow this plan to a tee, but we will stick to the most basic needs.
First, you’ll need to chose a Pandora station that suits the mood you are in; preferably something you can jam out to while you are cleaning. Choosing the right music defines the experience because it helps you get the job done with flare. After you have picked out some marvelous tunes, begin to assess the room. Search for what needs cleaning, and make a list of what needs to be cleaned as you go. Keep your eyes peeled for every detail because you don’t want to miss any spots. Making a list will prevent you from forgetting anything and prepare you for the next step. Once you have recorded all of the necessary jobs start gathering the supplies needed to perform them. Our tasks will include picking up and sorting clothes, cleaning off the dresser tops, make the bed, organize the fridge, sweep the floor, vacuum the rug, and plug in an air freshener. After evaluating what is needed to complete those jobs, I believe that you would need to collect a hamper, multi-purpose cleaner (pledge), paper towel, a broom, a vacuum, and an air freshener.
Now that the preparation is done you should move into the first step of the cleaning process, gathering and sorting dirty clothes. This step is mainly in the

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