The Perfect Teacher
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The Perfect Teacher

What's your thought about a perfect teacher? Do you want a nice or kind teacher?
There are many qualities for a perfect teacher. The two best qualities for a perfect teacher is generous and respectful.
One thought that I think a teacher should be generous. Teachers should help students achieve their goals. For example, if students goal is to pass the class. The teacher would be there to help you in what you need help in or don't understand. Also, the perfect teacher shouldn't give out too much homework on the weekdays and on the weekends.
Teachers should give out a little homework in the week, like give out two to three homework a week. On the weekends students would like to relax and hang out with their friends and doesn't have to worry if they have homework to do for school. It will give less work to grade for the teachers too so they can relax and hang out with friends and family on the weekends. Another example, is let us work with partners that we choose in class. It will help us understand more on what we are doing in class when you are with a friend or a peer. The last and final example, let learning be fun with games and activities. Students will pay more attention in class if it was fun and exciting. These are examples that explain what a generous teacher should be like.
Another thought for a perfect teacher is respectful. Teachers wants us to respect and listen to them. Students would like the same respect as well. If teachers treat us the way they want to be treated then maybe the learning environment would be more better. Another example, to listen to what the students have to say. Students try to explain to the teacher, why there late or tardy to class, where and what happened to their homework or something else. Also, they should listen to what the partents have to say too. Sometimes teachers do things that the parents don't approve of. The parents has a right to say something to the teacher and the

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