The perfect golf swing

Topics: Golf, Left-handedness, Handedness Pages: 3 (1287 words) Published: December 4, 2013
How To Perfect a Golf Swing
The game of golf is not just a game to me, but instead a way of life. It has merely formed who I am today, as it has taught me many important traits, including perseverance and self-discipline. The golf swing, when done correctly, is a beautiful sight. Practice makes perfect is a great way to look at golf and all of its precise manners. The golf world has always said that the perfect golf swing in unattainable, so I can I cannot provide information on the perfect golf swing, although I can explain the fundamentals of a golf swing. There are four main components of a golf swing: the grip, pre-swing rituals, stance and posture, and backswing, downswing, and follow through. The first step in the process is gripping the club, which influences the amount of control that is obtained during contact with the ball. A fundamentally sound grip helps the player create power and good feeling at the same time. Start by holding the left hand palm up and placing the grip of the club into the palm in a way that it runs from the base of the pinkie through the middle of the index finger. Then, clasp the left hand around the shaft so that the club is comfortable but stable in the hand. After the left hand is firmly positioned, completion of the grip can be accomplished by placing the right hand below the left in a similar manner. The right hand can be connected to the left in one of three ways: the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip, or the ten-finger grip. In the overlapping grip, the right pinkie overlaps the left index finger, while the right pinkie interlocks with the left index finger during the interlocking grip. The interlocking grip does not allow the club to twist while swinging, which positively affects the impact of the ball. My personal grip, and the most comfortable grip in my opinion, is the ten-finger grip. This is where all ten fingers are on the club with no overlapping or interlocking of fingers occurring. These instructions are...
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