The Perception of the Perception Process

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COMM 1001: Week 4 Assignment Worksheet
(Part 1 of your Week 5 Perception Paper)

Directions: Please save the document to your own computer using the naming convention "COMMWK4Assgn+last name+first initial" as the Submission Title. The file name identifies you and indicates to your instructor that your worksheet is available to grade. Please fill in the answers in the boxes provided by TYPING in your answers. If you need more space than is provided, the box will expand as you write. So, no need to worry about space. Do not write your answers in a separate document because your instructor uses the rubric after each question to grade that section of this worksheet. You may use the rubric as a guide to make sure you completed that question correctly. Then, please submit this worksheet to the regular Week 4 Assignment submission link in the classroom.

Section 1. Introduction

Using the directions in the blue part of each box, write an introduction for your week 5 full paper in the boxes below. Be sure to follow the directions in each box.

First write a sentence (or more if needed) to gradually introduce your reader to the topic of perception. Try to be creative and original. For instance, you could tell a brief story about how perception played a role in a situation from your own life.

I am a Military Policeman (MP) and have been for over 20 years, one day I came home to find a large D-Cell Mag-Lite flashlight in my living room that did not belong to me. The flashlight is a common component of an MP's duty gear, and if it was not mine then who did it belong to and why was it in my home. My perception of the situation was that an MP had been in my home, was my ex-wife cheating on me? It turned out she had been arrested for DUI by the German Police and then released and without my knowledge another MP apprehended her for questioning. Because I was sure she had cheated on me in the past I simply assumed that she was at it again, however I was wrong.

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