The Penitentiary System in the United States

Topics: Prison, Racism, Colored Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: June 26, 2013
The Penitentiary System in The United States
It seems that prison causes more problems than fixing them nowadays. American Prisons are considered to be very large institutions that are mainly composed of black American and other people of color; blacks, Hispanic and a bit of white people. It is weird since 60% of the American Population is white. Each year new rules are implemented to make inmates life harder than before. The majority of them are mainly people of color. These inmates struggled from numerous of problems such as drug use, sex abuse and other very important problems. According to a study, in 2001, Blacks have been incarcerated at a rate of 6 times more than white people. A recent study done by the US government has shown that an new born afro American child has 33% of chance to end up in jail or in civil court. How could it be possible since whites represent the largest community in USA? Such institution have been created to protect the citizens and to create peace outside the prison walls. It is hard to believe that they are fear against Non White American Citizens. As Jerome Miller puts it, “discrimination clearly plays a role in who gets a criminal record, who stays in jail, and who goes to prison” (Miller, 1996, p.56). In this research paper, we will show that the US penitentiary system is a quiet complex system but isn’t as flawless as it seems; it has numerous weaknesses. One of them is that it is a racist institution. * How do the Prison department works?

* What is the information about those communities?
* What are the reasons behind racism? Why People of colour are most targeted by police?

Problems inside the US Penitentiary system:

Apart from the fact that there is a huge discrimination In the US penitentiary system, there are numerous other problems inside it. Let start by the use of drugs. This use has destroyed American families. According to a recent statistic study of the American Civil Liberties...
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