The Payment Process: Work vs. Value

Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: October 28, 2008
The Payment Process: Work Vs Value?

For many people who are working off minimum wages, they're struggling. Trying to make ends meet, paying the bills etc. The payment process can be even more frustrating when many employee's are not getting there fully valued payment such as guaranteed raises.

As people today struggle more and more in trying to get jobs, many are suffering from underpayment. Although most people are feeling much of this pain in their pocketbook or pockets, this economic fall has forced many to defer form their dreams and find a better work balance. It is now that places are hiring for part time and letting go of the full timers mainly to cut cost. They would rather hire a part timer only so they can pay them the minimum wage. But do these jobs have unions or guaranteed raises? If they do, what happens when they don't get them? Some usually talk to the Employees that do the payroll, but if that doesn't work then they have to talk to someone higher.

Kimberely Landron, A cashier, had been working with the company Stop and Shop part time for 3 years. Under there union, they have guaranteed raises in the the first 3 months, 6 months then one year and after that every 6 months. She noticed on her 2 year pay stub that she had only been getting paid her 3 month raise and 6 month raise. She talked to the payroll office and they said they would fix it. The next two pay stubs she got, it still wasn't fixed. After that, Kim called her union representative and told him the problem. Not only did she get her raises but back pay as well. In a conversation with many of the employees, they wonder if the store does this on purpose or is it really on accident?

Roseline Kopenski another Stop and Shop employee had been working there for quite some time as well. She was speaking with one of the employees about the pay rate and they said they were up to eight dollars an hour and Roseline said she was only making $7.70 after being there for 2 years. Roseline...
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