The Patriot Movie Review

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army, Nathanael Greene Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Brief Plot Summary:
Benjamin Martin, who was a French and Indian war hero, is a patriot who does not want to fight in the war against Britain. He has seven children and is raising them alone because his wife died. The family lives in South Carolina and owns working slaves. Two of his sons, Gabriel and Thomas, are nothing like their father. They are eager to fight battles as soon as possible. Gabriel enlists in the army and, when South Carolina goes to war with Britain, he is involved. Colonel Tavington, who is on the opposing side, captures Gabreil and condemns him to be hanged. The family is present when he is captured. His younger brother, Thomas, tries to save him but is shot and dies right in front of the family. Benjamin tries to help Thomas but it is too late. To get revenge, Benjamin enlists in the fight to help gain independence for the thirteen colonies. He is a great soldier who is instrumental in the battles. Due to his bravery and willingness to fight, he helps them defeat the British. Historical Issues Addressed/ How accurate is the film in portraying the historical issues addressed? Although the movie did a very good job of representing some of the events that occurred in the American Revolution, some parts were not historically accurate. There were three battles that the movie alluded to, including Camden, Charlestown, and Yorktown. The battle of Camden, which was based on a real battle, was the one that Gabriel and Benjamin watched after they have decided to leave the war effort. The battle of Charlestown, which resulted from the Siege of Charlestown, was not shown, but the results serve as a time transition in the movie. Yorktown, which is also based on a real battle, was scarcely shown at the end during Mel Gibson’s closing narration. There was also an unknown battle that was based on occurrences in the Battle of Cowpens and the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Some other events that were historically accurate include Benjamin Martin’s raid on...
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