The Patriot Movie

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The Patriot- Movie Questions

Film questions
1. Martin said "I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me and the cost would be more than I could bear." this displays that he is worried that his past actions will resurface having a negative effect on his present life.

2. From the beginning of the movie it is evident that the story is set in the southern colonies because of the large plantations and crops, as well as the warm climate.

3. A post rider is a postal delivery system; of a horse and a rider.

4. The Assembly was held in Charleston to decide whether they would go to war with the British.

5. The issue that brought the Assembly to the point of considering war was that if they declared themselves as a member of the new nation, they would be attacked first.

6. Aunt Charlotte said to Martin: “You’ve done nothing for which you should be ashamed” since she senses that he is bothered by the incident that occurred between him and the British which is why she tries to reassure him that, that was the only way to save his son. Martin replied “I’ve done nothing. For that I am ashamed” because he was not upset due to that reason, but due to the fact that he did not speak out against the British earlier.

7. It is mentioned that the Americans have to prevent Cornwallis from marching North because if he had marched north it would have given the British a chance at beating them and ending the war.

8. The American militia were more effective than the regular troops because they represented a larger body of troops on field.

9. Washington asked the slaves for service of a year in the militia or army and in return he promised to set them free once the time was complete.

10. The burning of the church affected the colonials; it brought sorrow and remorse for those who were within the church, as well as an even stronger hatred to kill the British for the damage brought upon the colonials.

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