The Patriot

Topics: History, Culture, Truth Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: July 11, 2013
A. The Patriot – there is no direct explanation for the deviation from fact but it is acknowledged that there are many discrepancies within the movie, “There was no such person as Benjamin Martin” and “The most serious deviation from the historical record was the incineration of the occupied church: There is no record of any such event”. This movie was an intentional deviation from fact and a mish mash of similar event surrounding that time simply for entertainment value. The movie provided just enough shock and awe, i.e. the church scene, to make one feel upset and outraged that such a thing could have ever happened in this country. The writers surely wanted to spark intrigue into the era while entertaining the viewer, but somehow lost grip with reality and accuracy. <!--[if !supportLists]-->B.    B. The problem with “historical drama” is that people feed into the belief that whatever they see or hear is accurate and factual. No one can truly understand history without accurate facts. With limited records, and details the imagination of Hollywood is left to run <!--[if !supportLists]-->C.    C. <!--[endif]-->Due to inaccurate historical depictions, modern perceptions of certain groups are skewed, over embellished or lead to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. People take what they have seen and label it as fact, without question, and it hurts society as a whole. When key facts of history are left out or changed, we are all destined to repeat wild with misinformation and fantasy that the viewer is easily led to think that what is called a “true story” is just that. When people are misinformed and base their knowledge on something they saw on television or a movie screen, it leads to a cycle of poorly educated and delusional individuals. the mistakes that were hidden, erased, or touched up.  

A.  What did you learn from reading your classmates' posts to "Blog #1:  Re-Viewing the Past"?

B.  Is there anything in their responses that...
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