The Path of Life

Topics: Thing, Mind, Thought Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: October 10, 2010
To my dear AFS family:
HELLO! My name is Guillermo Milla, and I’m looking forward to meet my new family in the other side of the world! To tell you the truth I’m kind of excited about writing this letter to you because I feel like I’m already talking to you personally! Anyway, I have always wanted to go on an AFS, because my mother was an AFS, my sister was an AFS, and now I want to experience this life changing experience by myself. People have always thought of me as someone who is very kind, artistic, strong, spontaneous, adventurous, easy going, and a bit weird because no matter how bad the situation is I always smile during the entire process, but because of that I give the “touch” to the classroom … (I kind of blushed when they said that ha-ha). My family, in the other side, thinks of me as someone who is very calm, humorous, gentle, and someone who can behave at any event, from formal lunches to a simple comic book convention I always fit well to the atmosphere. Me, in the other hand, always have thought of me as someone who can always become better, as someone who has to work hard in order to achieve its goals, and someone who you can rely anytime you need!( wow, I just sounded as someone who is perfect…But of course I have many flaws as well, but if state them all, the rest of this page would be all about that! Ha-ha). With my family here in Honduras, I can definitely say that I’m very close with them. Since my father’s death my family has become very close to each other, of course we we’re close before! But not as we’re now, I consider my mother to be THAT, A MOTHER! Someone who I always seek advice from, a supporter, a guide, and also the person I’m thankful for, for bringing me to the world. As for my big brother I can definitely say that we have become much closer with him, we usually had arguments, since we both have strong personalities, but I can say that I trust him and he trusts me. We usually spend our time talking about the most random things...
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