The Past is Ever Present

Topics: Racism, Racial segregation, African American Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: December 3, 2014
“The Past is Ever Present: Recognizing the New Racism” By Patricia Hill Collins
African American children born after the 1950s social movement have had the privilege of being able to have a life with the opportunity to a better future. A better future then the many generations before the social movement happened. The whites have always been the dominate race in the United States. People of color were mistreated badly and discriminated against by the whites prior to the Civil Right Era, such mistreatments included lynching, slavery, and many other horrible treatments from the whites to the people of color.

New Racism is the masked version of the old racism. Old racism is different from the new racism because the old racism was when the people of color were pre-judged and discriminated against because of their skin color. While the new racism allows for us to be multinational and multicultural diverse society; society has been more socially accepted and has more intolerance towards cultural and intercultural diversity. People of color are not prejudged and segregated any longer; new racism has allowed for depersonalization racism, instead has institutionalized racism.

New racism has brought an increase in global economy. Wealth and poverty continue to be racialized with people of color disproportionally poor. The local government, regional, and national government don’t have the option to shape racial policies. Although racial segregation practices have not been in practice yet people of color are sill at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Ideology of the new racism is greatly influenced through mass media. Being a colored person, it is already expected that majority of colored people are to be ghetto and living in poverty. Many of the mainstream music are artist who are black rapping about being brought up in the ghettos and rapping about what challenges they faced as a colored person, for example, Tupac Shakur quoted “I got nothin’ to lose-it’s me...
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