The Passive Voice

Topics: Passive voice, Voice, Intransitive verb Pages: 4 (972 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Additional exercises

I Put the following into the passive. Where there is an indirect and direct object, there are 2 ways of putting the sentence into the passive.

They told me everything.
They showed her the easiest way to do it.
The lawyer gave him the details of his uncle’s will.
Students are doing a lot of work.
The closure of the workshops will make a lot of men redundant. People must not leave bicycles in the hall.
They can do all the work by tomorrow.
Children couldn’t have done all this damage.
They are pulling down the old bank.
He expected us to offer him a job.

II Look at the sentences about e-mail below and put the words in the correct order. In each case, you need to use the passive.

1. messages quickly is to send e-mail and efficiently used
2. via messages sent modem are a
3. anyone messages be system sent to compatible with a can
4. multi-national is e-mail used by often companies
5. this saved of time is in lot way a

III Put the transitive verbs into the passive voice. Do not mention the agent unless it seems necessary

1. The milkman brings the milk to my door but the postman leaves the letters in the hall. 2 Normally men sweep this street every day, but nobody swept it last week. 3 The postman clears this box three time a day. He last cleared it at 2.30. 4 Someone turned on a light in the hall and opened the door. 5 We never saw him in the dining-room. A maid took all his meals up to him. 6 Someone left this purse in a classroom yesterday; the cleaner found it. 7 They are demolishing the entire block.

8 He recommends fitting new tyres. (Use should)
9 They invited Jack but they didn't invite Tom.
10 Has someone posted my parcel?

IV In this exercise most of the sentences contain a verb + preposition/adverb combination. The preposition or adverb must be retained when the combination is put into the passive. In most of the sentences it is not necessary to...
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