The passionate Sheperd to his love

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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
By: Christopher Marlowe

It is a beautiful example of pastoral love poetry. This poem depicts love rural countryside setting. The entire poem is an entire invitation, spoken by the shepherd, who pledges to his beloved, a shepherd who is eager to give everything, opposing the fact that his offerings are transient, if only “His love” will accept his pleas to “Come live with me and be my Love.” The shepherd promises that if his beloved will come live with him, they will enjoy together all the pleasures that the “Valleys, groves, hills and fields; craggy mountains can offer. In the second stanza, implies that the shepherd begins by setting the scene in which he and his beloved will live, they will take their entertainment not in the theatre but rather they will “sit upon the rocks” or by shallow rivers, watching the Shepherds feed their flocks and listen to the waterfalls and to the songs of “ Melodious birds.” The third, fourth and fifth stanzas presents that the shepherd promises to make a variety gifts for his beloved. The “beds of roses”, “cap of flowers”, “kirtle embroidered with myrtle”, “gown of finest wool”, “fair-lined slippers”, “buckles of the purest gold”, “belt of straw and ivy buds”, “coral clasps and amber studs”, and this number of elaborate promises are generally improbable and occasionally impossible. “The shepherds’ swains shall dance and sing; for thy delight each May morning” In this last stanza completely visualized that the shepherd is being a member of gentry and in this last stanza he concludes with a proposition: If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my love this poem ends with “if” statement, meaning it connotes that there are possibility that the Shepherd’s love might not accept his pleas. Symbolisms

Roses, flowers and Myrtles – plants being mentioned symbolize a conventional horticultural expression of love. Roses – sacred love to the Venus, the Roman goddess of Sexual...
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