The Pass and Fail System

Topics: Grade, Need, Want Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: October 7, 2005
My transcript sucks! Being in school for nearly twelve years will not be so rewarding if, all we received was a piece of paper stating, that you have just successfully passed all your courses. Any student or person at that, wants to know how proficiently in the course they have passed. Having all A's and B's on your transcript is something to be proud of. A transcript with a just pass/fail on it is nothing, it does not show how hard you as a student worked or how much effort you put forth into your work. Due to the fact, with that particular grading system you may have barley passed the course with the minimal requirements. With the A-F system you will have a better chance at success opposed to the pass/fail system. If a student is determined to pass a course and put forte the effort into their work. They will pass. What you as a student put in, is what you will get out. For instance, if a student does not put in a certain amount of effort into their work they may not pass the course. As a result, that is what the student deserved to receive that particular grade. One student may work their butt off, to make off with an A or an B, and that is what the student should receive, because they worked hard to achieve that particular grade. Versus, the pass/fail systems the student has no show, as to how hard they worked or how little they worked, if all they receive is a pass or fail. With the A-F system you as the student know what section or course you need improvement upon. Also, with the A-F system the student will see a plummet of their percentage and will know what area they need to improve on. Therefore, this makes more of a challenge to the student, and gives them ample college options.

Most colleges will not accept the pass/fail system. Majority of colleges would like transcripts with letter grades instead of a...
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