The Parent Trap

Topics: Adolescence, Scientific method, Parent Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Madison Schleder

Parent Trap

My belief is that parents do have an influence on their child. In the younger years from birth to age 5 they do a lot for you and teach you right and wrong and not to talk to strangers. Then as you get to the older part of your teenage years your parents are preparing you for the real world and what you have to do in order to make it out there. Now that they are reaching young adulthood now they are telling their child not to drink and drive and to be a safe driver.

2) Judith Rich Harris theory is basically after they are conceived the parents don’t have much of an influence its mostly on the peers. The genes make up whom they are and whatever the genes miss the friends will fill in. Peers do have an influence but it wont determine everything. If you hang out with good people you will have a good life and if you hang with the wrong crowd that’s how you might turn out. But I don’t believe her theory right. It is important to have friends but think about it some of them wont be there some you will have and some you will loose over the years.

3) But no matter what your parents will be there every step of the way and will always be there for you. My parents have influenced a lot for example they put me on a sports teams put me in extracurricular activities to keep me busy, paid for me to have a tutor, and kept me in school, and paid for me to go to a fitness camp for the summer. So as you can tell my parents are responsible parents and want what’s best for their kids. She basically used, her own experience with twins.

4) But the one I would choose from the book would have to be Correlational Research method, which is a method that measures degree with variables. If twins are in the same environment is it the parents or the genes. Parents treat children differently in general everybody gets treated the same or at least they try to be equal.

My hypothesis is that nature has more effect...
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