The Paradox of Choice

Topics: Prescription drug, Pharmacology, Over-the-counter drug Pages: 5 (1820 words) Published: July 14, 2013
It all comes down to one question. Is it better when you have more choices or when you have fewer choices? Most people would answer more choices as they would feel less limited because it is common to associate having more choices with having more freedom and having more freedom with having more welfare. In fact, this is not always correct as you may not have enough knowledge to know which may be the most beneficial to you in the long run. This is turn relates to what is best known as the paradox of choice because we may think we have more but in reality we have less and find ourselves in a far more complex situation. The paradox of choice explains in depth how certain individuals and societies are affected when the matter of choice comes into the equation. The modern society in which we live today is heaving with individuals and societies in an on-going struggle in regards to making decisions as they have turned out to be more complicated and time consuming due to a large variety of choices which often lead to paralysis (Rosenthal). According to research conducted on societies, American societies in particular, paralysis occurs because most people tend to never make decisions when they have many choices. Individuals now also find themselves somewhat paralyzed when it comes to determining their career aspirations as there are a number of options and at first glance it’s fairly difficult to establish which is best. In fact, having more choices is beneficial as you have a number of options to choose from; however, people tend to forget there’s a dark side to the situation. One of the more glaring issues concerning this matter is that health centres now provide certain treatment options to individuals. For many people this is ideal as they are able to choose for themselves what treatment they will undertake but the palpable question is, “are you qualified enough to know what the best treatment solution is for you?” Prescription medicines are advertised on television serving as an indication that you can practically choose the prescription medicine that you want to take simply by persuading your doctor into writing the prescription for you. In today’s society, modernity allows people to work whenever they wish to. Seemingly a good advantage to societies, it is proven that even though people have all these options, they rarely and in a majority of cases never use them. In the past, Universities did not have a large variety of courses to choose from like today. In a way, this looks very positive because it presents improvement since institutions can now provide more solutions to individuals (Iyengar). There is however a downside to such variety as it directly relates to individuals, it can cause confusion in them as they may be unsure as to which course they go on to study. Marriage has also turned out to be one of the major concerns as in the past, people tend to worry about who to marry and now there are a stifling number of questions to answer such as when to marry, who to marry and even why marry. Much of the youth society spends a great amount of time striving to answer these questions in fear of making wrong decisions that may come back to haunt them later in life (Shwartz). This is a major concern as their performances in their respective careers are affected due to constant worries regarding their relationships. Having some choice is definitely better than having no choice; however, the confusing aspect to this debate is whether it’s better to have fewer choices rather than to ponder over countless choices. The paradox of choice is a concern for societies because everyone inherits identities from their parents and family but now people have the freedom to choose what they want for themselves and can be who they want to be. It is true that this can be seen as a good because everyone is allowed to express their thoughts and put them into practice but it also has consequences which can lead to disasters because people can...
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