The Panel and Passage

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ENG 1111
Paper 1: Explication Essay, 5 pages (15%)
Final 10/3

Start by choosing the theme, issue, or symbol in Persepolis that interests you most, then find a series of (at least two) panels that seem to say or imply a lot about that theme, issue, symbol, etc. Begin your exercise by copying out the passage in full. Then, in 4-5 pages of your own words, analyze how the panels you have chosen develop or display that theme or symbol. You do not need to focus on all of the qualities or themes of the text; rather, use the short passage to discuss just one element.

Please use traditional margins, Times New Roman, and double spacing. Include a title.

In class we have discussed what we look at when we read images and what we look at when we read texts. This assignment asks you to read both the image and the text, and make an argument about how they work together. Below is a chart roughly adapted from class discussion about how we interpret images and text:

READING TEXTS:| READING IMAGES:| HOW DO THEY GO TOGETHER TO TELL A STORY?| Genre| Genre/ Medium| How do text and image work together in the panel?| Content/ Subject| Content/ subject | Do they complete each other?| Themes| Themes| Is the tone/ content consistent? If not, why?| Symbolism/Imagery| Symbolism | Which is doing more “explaining”? The image or the text? Why? What is the result?| Word choice| Color/ Lines/ Style| What is the impact of pairing images with text in this instance?| Syntax/ punctuation| Composition/ use of Space | Why choose to tell a story this way?| Point of View| Perspective| |

Tone| Tone| |
Intended audience/ aims| Audience reaction| |

Your papers should include the following:
1) a thesis statement that makes an assertion about the meaning and function of the panel/s in relation to the text 2) evidence from the text—what specific words, phrases, images lead you to make these claims; quote these and use MLA...
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