The pact three young men make a promise and fulfilll a dream

Topics: High school, The Pact, Black people Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Growing up in broken homes in a crime-ridden area of Newark, N.J., these three authors could easily have followed their childhood friends into lives of drug-dealing, gangs and prison. They tell harrowing stories of being arrested for assault and mugging drug dealers, and of the lack of options they saw as black teenagers. But when their high school was visited by a recruiter from a college aimed at preparing minority students for medical school, the three friends decided to make something of their lives. Through the rigors of medical and dental school, and a brief detour into performing rap music at local clubs, they supported each other. Today, Davis and Hunt are doctors, and Jenkins is a dentist; the men's Three Doctors Foundation funds scholarships to give other poor black kids the same opportunities. The authors aren't professional readers, and it shows. They're clearly reading aloud, not speaking spontaneously. But the authenticity of their urban accents and the earnestness and sincerity in their voices give their inspiring tale an immediacy that would be lost with a professional narrator. . This book shows the power of friendship and how valuable it is to keep a promise. The author Simpson Davis main purpose on writing the book The Pact is to recommend kids to stay in school and make better choices in life even though you have a lot of hard times you have to face. “I walked the same dangerous streets as the guys selling drugs and stealing cars, and I was cool with many of them.” (Davis 11) Another purpose on writing this book is to inform the readers how this black man become doctors and the straggles they have faced. Today in our society, black guys are seen as a bad influence and as a bad person. However, this book shows that there are black people out there who are very educated and who tries their best to be someone one important in life. Even though this book is understandable and productive, I feel like the author could have done a better job. The...
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