The Pact Government

Topics: British Empire, South Africa, White people Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: October 15, 2006
The Success of the Pact Government's First Term.

The Pact government came to power in 1924 with JBM Hertzog as the Prime Minister. The Pact government was an alliance between the Labour Party under Cresswell and the Nationalist Party under Hertzog. During their first Term of office, the Pact made significant developments and achieved most of their aims and can therefore be regarded as very successful.

On being elected the aims of the Pact Government were to stimulate the economy in all sectors, stimulate Afrikaans Nationalism, to greater independence for South Africa and to make South Africa safe for the white people.

In the area of economic development the Pact Government made a great contribution to the development of the Union. Most people working in the agricultural sector were Afrikaans and by putting effort into stimulating the sector, he also stimulated the advancement of the Afrikaans nation. An export marketing body was set up in order to extend the Market oversees. The "dumping" of products such as sugar and butter from other countries was prohibited and a Land Bank was introduced which provided loans with low interest rates for the farming community in order to help them in the drought situation. Water rates and State Assistance for irrigation schemes was overhauled and various control Boards established to regulate quotas and to fix prices to attempt to ensure that all farmers got a fair return for their products. The government's attempts to help the farmers were immensely successful and did help to alleviate many of the problems the farmers faced although the problems of Poor Whiteism and Black Labour were still prevalent. The stimulation of mining and industry helped to solve these.

Mining was already very prosperous and although the Pact Government were antagonistic towards the Gold Mine Owners because of their support for Smuts in the 1922 strike, the Government were sensible not to harm the industry and instead increased...
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