The Pact Essay 2

Topics: Physician, High school, Need Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Maddie Nance
K. Mount
English 9
21 April 2015
The Pact Essay
Nonfiction is factual writing that is based on real life events. There are many times of nonfiction – including autobiographies, biographies, speeches, articles, and essays. The Pact written by Dr. Sampson Davis, Dr. George Jenkins, and Dr. Rameck Hunt is a nonfiction novel because it is a true story based on their journey of becoming doctors. The tone of The Pact is reflective, positive and very hopeful. These three doctors are looking for anyone trying to accomplish something in their lives to read their book. The reason this book was written was not to entertain us with their life, but to inspire people who don’t believe in their selves. Dr. Sampson Davis, Dr. George Jenkins, and Dr. Rameck Hunt want to share their story to show people that you can truly do anything if you put your mind to it.

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey was not easy for these three boys. The streets were dangerous, each of their family’s had money issues, and they had broken homes. There weren’t many people who pushed and inspired these boys to do great things. George became inspired to be a dentist when he was just a young boy. Rameck relied on his grandmother, who he called Ma, to help him throughout his life. In high school, there was a presentation from Seton Hall about an Educational Opportunity Program. The EOP had a program called the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program. This program helped people who didn’t have enough money to start medical school. George, Sam, and Rameck decided to make a pact – they were going to medical school.

George, Sam, and Rameck changed their outlook on life after going through the pre-medical program and completing medical school. They grew up on the streets trying to stay out of trouble, and somehow managed to push themselves to becoming doctors. There were many instances where they got in trouble with the police. They had problems with drugs and alcohol in the area, as well as...
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