The Packaging of Ritz Chips

Topics: Potato chip, Polyethylene terephthalate, Snack food Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: January 23, 2006
Ritz chips are a newer chip alternative product on the market. The packaging is made of a wide thick-coated bag that is designed to "stand up". On the back of the unopened package is a reseal sticker that is supposed to be used to reseal the package when done snacking. However, the sticker is an inadequate means of resealing the package and does not stay. The unaware consumer may reseal their bag this way and come to the bag next time to find stale chips. The wide bag does make it easy to reach a hand or two in and grab the chips, but is not designed as it says to "stand up" without support, due to the placement of the seams and uneven distribution of chips in the bag. The easy-to-grab function is also self-defeating, as this product is positioned as a "healthier" product not meant for the heavy snacker.

The product's packaging design is enticing to the consumer. Bold fonts, large prominent logos, and bright colors attract the consumer to the brand. Being a healthy-chip alternative in the cracker aisle, steering away from the typical light blues and whites lets consumers know this product's parity point is taste, not simply being low in fat. Ritz made a smart decision to stay away from traditional chip packaging, as a more expensive product. Consumers can be sure their Ritz chips will come, for the most part, shape-intact, rather than in a crumbly mess like most chips.

areas needing improvement in this package. A solution to the resealing problem is to eliminate the sticker and use a Ziploc-style enclosure. This seal would ensure any easy opening, as well as it would still allow the snack to have a wide opening, for easy access. The new seal can protect the chips from additional air, therefore not allowing the chips to get stale. The Ziploc-style seal would also be able to be used, and re-used, many times, unlike the current sticker seal. Eventually, after a few uses, the stickiness of the sticker wore off, defeating the purpose of the sticker....
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