The Overachievers: the Secret Lives of Driven Kids

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The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids.


The argument in Alexandra Robbins, The Overachievers, is why should many high school students get pressured or feel the need to take all AP classes or do extracurricular activities so they can get into an Ivy League college & be successful. Alexandra Robbins tells us about the lives of nine students when they were attending Whitman high school. Many parents pressure their children to be on top of all their classmates, but really teachers, parents, and even students don’t know what the overachievers go through.

The targeted audience for the book The Overachievers is the parents who pressure their children, students who take all AP classes and do a lot of extracurricular activities, and also the teachers who push their students to do better. With this others can see that being an overachiever is not for everyone. Many students throughout the country stress out to be successful, but not everyone gets to accomplish their dream. So why go through all the hard work and pressure if they might not even get into the Ivy League college they want to go to?

Parents and teachers, maybe even students should see and understand what many high school students go through now a days. Sometimes the pressure is so strong that teenagers grow depressed or get so stressed that they start having issues with their health, some even get to the point where they go suicide. Some of these students put themselves through a lot to attempt getting into an Ivy League college and might not even get accepted in the end.

The main reason for this is so we can understand what it’s like to compete against our peers to be successful, and what others do to try and get on top of everyone else. The hard work and effort they put in to get where they want to be. Many people may even have similar life stories like the students in the book; maybe they were once overachievers, or still are.

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