The Outsiders Movie vs. Book

Topics: Magic, Pearl, Ceremonial magic Pages: 4 (1692 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Fantasy Project
In El Dorado California, once called Mud Springs, lived two twin sisters Elisa and Elizabeth. These 11 year olds lived with their grandmother Myra whom took care of them since they were 4 years of age after their parents passed away in a tragic car accident. They lived humbly in a small log cabin. Elisa and Elizabeth’s favorite pass time was to play in the forest; they loved acting and playing as magicians attempting to do magic tricks.

One early evening right before dusk, they were playing in the forest dressed as magicians with their black gowns and top hats using tree branches for magic wands, and as they waved their wands they saw a very strange shadow. This shadow was also surrounded by very bright light. Suddenly a voice began to speak; Elisa and Elizabeth were shocked and a little scared too. The echoing voice said “by dawn tomorrow you shall have real magic powers for the rest of your life.” The next morning the girls felt very strange but with lots of energy. They felt like they had a long restful night’s sleep and both couldn’t stop wandering about what they had experienced in the forest the night before. Did they wake up with magic powers? Was that voice of the shadow real? A few hours later, the girls went to their special place in the forest and played magic as usual. But there was something different about their game, every time they swirled and waved their hands with their magic wands their hands and arms would sparkle and glow. Elisa and Elizabeth felt thought something was wrong, they were scared thinking what was happening to them. The girls ran desperately back home and locked themselves in their room so grandmother wouldn’t hear them. They stared at each other confused and surprised they couldn’t believe what they had just seen. As the girls stared at each other thy tried waving their arms and hands again and again their hands and arms would glow and sparkle. Shocked to see this, Elisa...
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