The Outsiders and Johnny

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THE OUTSIDERS Study Guide Answers

Chapters 1-2
1. Identify Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy by giving at least 3 descriptions of each. • Darry – oldest brother, 20, roofer, former football player • Sodapop – middle brother, 16, dropout, works at gas station • Ponyboy – youngest brother, 14, good grades, runs track 2. How are Greasers different from Socs?

• the way they dress
• money
• how they express their emotions
3. Who were other members of Pony’s gang?
• Two-Bit Matthews – 20, wisecracker of the bunch
• Steve Randall – 17, Soda’s best friend, works part-time at gas station • Johnny Cade – 16, beaten up by Socs before beginning of novel, idolizes Dally • Dallas (Dally) Winston – 17, street tough, in/out of jail, loves Johnny 4. What happened to Pony on his way home from the movies?

• Pony was jumped by a group of Socs that were riding in a blue mustang • they threatened to cut his hair off
• the gang came running and scared Socs away
5. Who did Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy meet at the Nightly Double? Cherry Valance and her friend, Marcia - Socs

6. Contrast Dally’s approach to Cherry and Marcia with Pony’s. • Dally was tuff, crude, and obnoxious
• Ponyboy was kind, respectful, and understanding

7. Contrast Cherry’s response to Dally with her response to Pony. • Cherry believed that she could fall in love with Dally due to his wild, independent spirit • Cherry knew that she and Pony shared the same feelings and understood each other, they could wind up friends

8. Why were Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive-in?
Their boyfriends, Bob and Randy, had been drinking and the girls did not want to be around them when they drank 9. Why was Pony surprised that he was getting along with Cherry and Marcia? • they were Socs and he was a Greaser

• they were normal people just like him
• even though they had money they had the same fears and feelings 10. What had happened to Johnny prior to the time of this story? Johnny had been beat up very badly by a gang of Socs that drove a blue mustang – the one to beat Johnny the worst was Bob, the Soc that wore rings Chapters 3-4

1. After talking with Cherry, what reason does Pony finally give for the separation between Greasers and Socs? The Socs kept all their emotions bottled up inside and presented a calm, cool façade while the Greasers were too full of emotions that they spilled out all over the place 2. Who were Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends?

• Cherry’s boyfriend was Bob
• Marcia’s boyfriend was Randy

3. Why didn’t the Socs and Greasers fight during their first encounter after the movie? • They didn’t fight because Cherry stopped them, she hated fighting

4. Why was Pony late coming home from the Nightly Double?
He fell asleep in the vacant lot talking with Johnny and looking at the stars

5. What caused Pony to “run away?”
When he got home, Darry yelled at him and slapped him across the face.

6. What happened to Johnny and Ponyboy at the park?
• a group of Socs came and nearly drowned Ponyboy
• Johnny killed Bob with his switchblade
• the other Socs ran away
7. To whom do Johnny and Pony turn for help after the incident in the park? Why? • they went to find Dally at Buck Merrill’s place
• he would know what to do and how to hide them from the police 8. Why did Johnny and Pony go to Jay’s Mountain?
They were hiding from the police because Johnny had killed Bob, the Soc.

Chapters 5-6
1. Why was Pony upset about getting a haircut?
Pony’s hair was what identified him as a Greaser; it was his identity and pride

2. What was Johnny’s favorite part of Gone with the Wind? Of whom did it remind him? • Johnny loved the part about the description of the Southern gentlemen and how they rode off to war • it reminded him of Dally – gallant

3. When Dally finally arrives at the church, what news does he...
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