The Outsiders

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The Outsiders
Gang was between the rich and the poor, young children are constant of evil in a life of a young boy named pony boy. This research paper is going to be about S.E Hinton, background of the story, and the three brother. This story has emotional, happy and thrilling moments in this book. The greaser and socs do not get alone with each other. S.E. Hinton’s novel, the outsiders is the first a narrative of Ponyboy, a young outcast boy who later become a strong man filled with identify.
S.E. Hinton was born and raises in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was born on July 22, 1950 remarking that there was a little to do for a child growing up in Tulsa. S. E. Hinton was drawn to writing novels for young adults because she couldn’t stand the...

The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsiders. Emotions often go up and down in this novel. The novel background in the genre of young adult fiction transcending establish boundaries in its portrayal or violence class conflict, and prejudice published The Outsiders is set in a large, unnamed town in the United States. It is about a gang of teenage boys who are called the Greasers. They live on the east side of the town, also known as the wrong side of town; the eastside neighborhood is described in graphic detail. The story is set in the 1960's and relates the incidents that take place over a few days. After killing Bob, Pony and Johnny take shelter in an abandoned church in Windrixville. After it catches fire and burns down, they return to their hometown, where Johnny dies in a hospital. The outsiders takes place in Tulsa, OK during the mid-1960s. There are two group of teens, the greaser and the Socs that constantly battles for turf, titles, and life Violence was clearly portrayed in the novel the outsiders, but there have been many views of what violence represents in the novel. The novel is predictable because they are dealing with two rival gangs from different social and financial background there were many verbal confrontations between the Greaser and the Socs. Every time they see each other it...

Hinton novel, the outsiders, is a narrated by a 14 year old boy name ponyboy, he is a young outcast that becomes a strong and fill with identity. Ponyboy wakes up in bed at home. He suffered a concussion from a kick to the head at the rumble and has been delirious in bed for several days. When he is well, he attends his hearing, where the judge treats him kindly and acquit him with Darry. For a time ponyboy feels listless and demote. His grades slip, he feels hostile to Darry, and he loses his appetite. At last, Sodapop tells ponyboy that he is angry and frustrated because of the tension at home. He tearfully ask ponyboy and Darry to stop fighting. Finally understanding the value of his family, Ponyboy agrees not to fight with Darry anymore. He finds that for the first time he can remember Dally’s and Johnny’s deaths without pain or denial. He decides to tell their story and begins writing a term paper for his English class, which turns out to be the novel...
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