The Ottawa Charter Fact Sheet

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The Ottawa Charter – Fact Sheet

What is the Ottawa Charter? Why Was It Created?

The Ottawa Charter was developed in 1986 by the World Health organisation with the aim of working towards attaining a level for all citizens that would enable tem to lead socially and economically productive lives by the year 2000.

There are five action areas of the Ottawa Charter:

Developing Personal Skills

Health promotion is developed through the provision of knowledge that leads to the enhancement of life skills. This knowledge needs to be educated in environments such as school, work, households and other community settings as well as communicate through resources such as the media and health services. Acquiring this necessary information prepares individuals for life stages and any challenges or situations they may face in relation to their health.

Skills individuals can acquire:
Problem solving
Decision making
Goal setting

Having this knowledge allows for:
Control over life choices
Confidence and self empowerment
Ability to make healthy decisions
Ability to help others and share their knowledge (children, friends etc.) Understanding of what it means to be healthy

Examples include:
Media campaigns on the harmful consequences of drug use
Mandatory Health and Physical Education curriculum
Providing online information on how to quit smoking

Creating Supportive Environments

This action area relates to the environment individuals are surrounded with and how it impacts their health and perception on the topic. The link between people and their environment constitutes the basis for a socio-ecological approach to health. The environment includes factors such as the resources available, the people in our lives and the physical geographic location influences an individual. Being in a supportive environment can allow for positive growth and development as it obviously has a positive impact on...
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