The Other Wes More

Topics: Mother, Family, Prison Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: December 6, 2011
The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates
Written by: Wes Moore

Main Characters:
* Wes Moore - Author

* Mary Moore - Mother of Wes Moore (Author)

* Nikki Moore – Older sister of Wes Moore (Author)

* Shani Moore – Little sister of Wes Moore (Author)

* Wes Moore – The other Wes Moore

* Mary Moore – Mother of the other Wes Moore

* Tony Moore – Older brother of the other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore is about two African American boys who not only share the same name, but almost the same life, in this eight chapter book you see a glimpse of eight different important years of both of these two boys development. The book first starts in the year 1982 in where Wes, the author loses his father to acute epiglottises and the other Wes meets his for the first time, Wes the author then goes on to move to New York with his mom to his grandparents house and the other Wes gets arrested for the first time. Wes, the author and is then sent to private school, where he hates it and the other Wes gets involved with dealing drugs. Wes then gets arrested for tagging a building and the other Wes’ mom finds out he is dealing drugs at 14. Wes gets sent to military due to him failing school and the other Wes gets his girlfriend pregnant with their first child and gets arrested for shooting a boy, after Wes is sent to military school he changes drastically, for the better, while the other Wes stopped going to school all together and then sells drugs to a cop and gets arrested again. After Wes graduates from military school he joins the army and the other Wes quits the drug business and goes into the job corps to get his GED. Wes then goes off to be accepted into John Hopkins University and spends a semester in Africa, starting his successful life, while the other Wes gets arrested for the final time for robbing a bank, is found guilty and is sentences to life in jail without parole.

I think the biggest theme of The Other...
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