The other side of the bridge

Topics: Love, Mother, Family Pages: 4 (896 words) Published: November 3, 2014
The Other Side Of The Bridge Essay
By:Brontë Forster-Tan

Loss is the process of losing something or someone that is important to you. Many characters in the book The Other Side Of The Bridge by Mary Lawson are effected mentally and emotionally by the loss of a loved one. We see throughout the book how Arthur Dunn, Dr.Christopherson and Laura Dunn cope and deal with loss during their everyday lives.

Arthur Dunn suffered the most throughout the book with the loss of his friends and family. The three Luntze boys, Eric, Gunter and Carl were both Arthurs neighbors and friends. They were all killed while fighting in the war. The Luntzes received a telegram stating “Eric and Gunter had been killed”(179). They found out later that Carl was missing but had been found dead. This was very hard for Arthur to hear about his friends because they were out there fighting for their country while he stayed in Struan. It was difficult for Arthur to carry on knowing his three friends would never return home.Another one of Arthurs friends, Ted Hatchet who fought in the war as well returned home safe but was badly injured. Ted committed suicide shortly after returning home from Struan on “Ted Hatchett had shot himself” (314). This was another loss of a friend for Arthur. Ted and Arthur had grown close and he made many visits to Ted. When Ted passed away this brought back the memories of loosing his other friends. Ted’s death also helped Arthur look at things and life in a new perspective. A huge loss in Arthurs life was when his father was killed in a tractor accident. This came as a shock to the whole family especially Arthur “As for Arthur, he had no words” (193). He had lost his father but also his friend. They became closer while working on the fields together and were similar in many ways. This put a lot of pressure on Arthur having to take on running two farms on his own. Arthurs father was the only other person who stood up and believed in...
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