The Other Side of the Bridge

Topics: Emotion, Malcolm McDowell, English-language films Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: January 19, 2010
On one hand we see the character of Ian who doesn’t care about anything but his food. To the reader he comes across as a lethargic person who is not at all bothered of another’s person feeling as he wished, “if she would just shut up, it would be all fine” and also seems to be not ambitious as given he was uninterested in the conversation with Cathy. On the contrary Cathy is practical, desirous, self-staring and determined. She has a clear idea of her future, with a practical approach towards it as she looked confident and unclouded about her future and also as she based her career decision over Ian’s. Her determination is showed throughout as she keeps trying her best to make Ian a part of the active conversation, so that she can get a fair idea of her life with him. The contrast between the two characters is also created by the title of the book itself “the other side of the bridge” it suggests reader of the existing distance between them. The contrast between the characters helps the author to get the reader indulged thoroughly, as naturally reader gets into an excited mood to know that which character dominates by the end. I would like to conclude by saying that writer has been effective in making reader really understand the passage by using techniques such as imagery and third person narrative, through the detailed conversation given reading characters becomes easy. In addition the open ended passage leaves the interpretation to the reader which enables them to think actively and form their own suitable ending.
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