The Other Side of Multicultural Society

Topics: Sociology, Culture, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: January 15, 2011
In recent years the society we live in, have become more increasingly influenced by foreign cultures. In the past, most people were secluded in their own little worlds which consisted only of their town or village and few miles around, but now that we are entering a new millennium, we can see that this is no longer so. Nowadays we get influences from countries further away than our ancestors could dream of travelling in a lifetime, just by walking down the street. This transformation into a multicultural society has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. In our modern society it is good to get influences from outside the borders and other cultures. People from various cultures contribute in multiple different ways to development because they bring with them different sets of skills. But sometimes the culture of the native population is being overrun by immigrants. For example in Britain, there are now more than four million non-white Britons – more than the population of the Republic of Ireland. Almost half of all ethnic minority Britons live in London where the great and unique blend of cultural values creates culture tension to the “global city”. Some immigrants choose not to integrate into the major society by not working and learning the language and stick to their own ethnic groups. This sort of thing not only creates barriers, it also creates a wrong perception of the immigrants. Our society has been influenced by foreign cultures. Although multicultural can be a good thing, it will in some communities do not do anything but create conflicts. Community can get a lot from a multicultural society and not just new food flavors, but sometimes multicultural society does not work or work poorly. This can come from for example when a minority groups isolates themselves from the majority community, by settling in certain places where people from this specific country have already settled. This leads to a community split and creates barriers. Another bad...
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