The Organizational Planning Process

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The Organizational planning Process
Organizational planning is a well thought out and practical process involving all levels of management: top-level (strategic managers), middle-level (tactical managers), and frontline (operational managers), as well as their departments, and the individuals that make up those departments. This process begins with upper management creating a mission statement that sets clearly defined reasons for the company’s existence, as well as goals for the company. Strategic goals are then created to outline the future direction of the company as a whole, as well as defining the logistics needed to meet these goals. Tactical goals are then set on a departmental level, which aids in determining what work is needed to accomplish the goals set by the company. Finally operational goals are set to enable lower levels of the company to assist in meeting tactical goals. All levels of management assign the necessary tasks to appropriate departments, divisions and to individuals, arranging those individuals into the decision making structure. This process results in an organization that consists of several integrated parts acting as one cohesive unit, accomplishing tasks to efficiently achieve company goals. A well-executed organizing process would result in a work environment in which all levels of management, and all team members are fully aware of their responsibilities. If the organizing process is not executed well, the result will likely be frustration, confusion, and a loss of efficiency, leading to minimized effectiveness. Of course strict planning doesn’t allow for much room to make changes and adapt as environments change and evolve. This can cause a well-organized company to fail if an openness to contingency plans is nonexistent. Scenario building is visualizing future possibilities based on current trends in an effort to forecast future environments and minimize risks. This enables companies to be better prepared for multiple...
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