The Opera Case Negotiation

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Business Negotiations
Summary of My negotiation from the Opera-case and how I think it was different from other cases The Opera case was a case about relationship and reputation, it made the negotiation a little bit different. We discussed the case in a more open way and were really honest to each other, we also applied many of the things we had learnt from the book and classes. When I compared with other cases I could see how we negotiated in a less stressful way and did focus on the problem and not on positions. And I think we learnt a lot of things for the following cases that ended up more open and with a focus on the problem.

My negotiation from the Opera-case and how I think it was different from other cases At first I though it should be like the other cases but when I started to read I understood that the deal was not really about money it was more about a relationship and reputation. Our Negotiation

We started the negotiation with a discussion over the problem, the Opera needed a singer and Sally Soprano needed a job. Both of them have some wishes and we tried to solve them in the best way we could during the short time we had to negotiate. We started a really open negotiation as both parts really wanted to have a solution to the problem. We also talked about different requirements and solutions. I could really feel that both of us had learnt new things from the classes that we used in the negotiation as we did a more relevant discussion and listen to the other persons opinion. We discussed the case and came to some conclusions. The Opera really wanted Sally for the role and Sally really needed a job as she was having a hard time with her career. We talked about the what salary she had got earlier for the same role, what Mrs Risingstar would have got and what the other singer, who was really inexperienced, would have got. As the negotiation was just a short time before and it takes long time to teach a new singer, did the Opera not have many options, well they could cancel the show but that option was not really in there mind. Sally did not have a job and, she was starting to get old and had problems with her career so she was really interested in the job and she had worked with the Opera earlier. We discussed it a bit and my partner was really friendly and we talked openly about the case and how the different solutions could affect both parts. The Opera was willing to 45 000, but a salary that high could be a problem in the future when other singers would require the same salary, a way to low salary would give them a bad reputation among other singers. Mrs Risingstar did not have a job but she knew what she did get the last time for the same role (26 000) and the salaries had increased since then. In the end we decided to give her 32 000, Mrs Risingstar would have got 30 000, and well she was a star but in the same time Sally Soprano was an old star and this was just a short time before the first performance. It was a big risk for the Opera, as they do not know if her voice will work the whole season. In after hand we might have negotiated a little bit different and I might have had required, as the Opera, to give her a base salary and the more if the audience would be sufficient. Application of the book

To evaluate the negotiation according to the book I will start from the beginning and discuss some parts from each chapter where I find things I do recognize from the negotiation or things that I afterwards thought we should have used more. To start from the beginning we talked about positions. I can imagine that this is more an issue when it comes to real negotiations, as we are not that involved in the companies and we are students, even if we should try to act as the person in the company, we do not get the same feeling. As students we see each other as equal and especially as you do not know each other from before you do want to be nice and respectful to get new friends. We tried to act as much as we...
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