The One and Only Original Recipe

Topics: Fried chicken, KFC, Creativity Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Madusha Nanayakkara
April 14, 13
The One and Only Original Recipe
There were many qualities that Colonel Sanders had that set him apart from other entrepreneurs; two that stood out to me was his originality and determination to make a successful business. Coming from a poor upbringing, he was building himself from the bottom up, which is how many successful businessmen begin.

At the time all men and women aspired to find some form of business that would bring them wealth, and Colonel Sanders knew the struggle first hand. Since the death of his father, he was responsible for taking care of his family. He took on a variety of jobs, such as a farmer, railroad fireman, and insurance salesman until he started cooking chicken and selling it. For most of his life he had to struggle to make a living, at the age of sixty-five he had very little money and a secret recipe for his chicken, but was determined to make something out of it. During the time, where Colonel Sanders was developing his famous recipe with the 11 herbs and spices, he was serving people his chicken in a small restaurant, which he named Sander’s Café. However due to new interstate highway 75, his business slowed down significantly which signaled his next move. Colonel Sanders was not threatened by the poor business of his café, he just knew he had to overcome the issue and the solution was to sell, and devote his time to franchising his chicken.

With the money he had left his determination paid off, with the creation of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, which was a huge hit across the country, and eventually the world. A businessman should look up to Colonel Sanders as a role model; he overcame many obstacles and never gave up until he reached the goal of owning a successful establishment. Determination can take someone farther than they ever expected to be, and bring great success. If Colonel Sanders didn’t have the determination to make his chicken sell, there would not be a KFC...
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