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UIC’s Timeline

The University of Immaculate Conception (UIC) traces its root to the Beaterio de la Compania, the first community of indigenous women formed during Hispanic colonial times. This community of indigenous women, now better known as the congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) started in 1684 by Ignacia del Espiritu. Through the years, this community has grown and extended itself through its different ministries especially in the area of education.

In 1902, three sisters were sent to Davao at the request of the people of Davao from the late Rev. Superior General and Mo. Ma. Efigenia Alvarez. These three sisters were M. Severina Santos, superior, M. Clara Rairez and M. Engracia Herrera. When they arrived in Davao, the pioneer sisters stayed in the residence of the Palma Gil Family. After a little time of adjustment, the sisters started to catechize Davao children in 1905. Mrs. Sinforosa Bangoy vda. De Joven donated a house which the sisters converted into a dormitory and classrooms. As of 1906, the enrolment has increased and the house Mr. Cenon Rasay in San Pedro Anda intersection was used as classrooms. In 1907, the construction of the sisters’ convent was started in San Pedro-Bolton-Claveria site. At the end of the year the sisters transferred to their new convent. Originally established exclusively for girls, the RVM sisters laid the foundation starting as a parochial school named, “Escuela Catolica de San Pedro” with only the primary and intermediate courses offerd. When the teaching of Spanish was more emphasized, in the curriculum, the school was named, “Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion” in 1914. Later on in 1926, Music, Kindergarten and Primary courses were offered and on 1928, the elementary department was completed by the opening of Intermediate classes under M. Rafaela Galvez as Superior-Directress. At the time first year high school was opened, the Spanish name was changed to “Immaculate Conception Academy” (ICA)....
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