The Olympics and the Role of Sports in Promoting Peace in Conflict Resolution.

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With the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London between 27 July to 12 August, one is tempted to reflect on the why and the how of this event which will have all eyes hooked on the sports competition – people from all over the world will be excited, elated, worked up, passionate, involved for days at a stretch….. Entertaining, relaxing or stressful….. This Olympic Games will, somehow, leave its mark again in history.

What lies behind such an entertaining event? Why the Olympic Games? What is achieved by the organisers? Why spend so much time, money, energy, and effort in this international reunion? Far from the goals is of the Olympic Games in Greece in the initial years of (1896), far from individual goals of gaining first position and gold medals, far from the sense of pride and fulfillment, the Olympic Games ultimately aim at uniting the five continents, (hence its flag), creating global harmony, promoting understanding and sustaining a culture of brotherhood, of dialogue, of cooperation and of togetherness.

For 16 days, a symbolic time, the world will be one, all the conflicts and disagreements will be suspended to celebrate unity, peace and tolerance. The key question is – why through sports?

Sports is a means to foster the Olympic ideal of a”sound mind in a sound body“. At the individual level, it means balancing physical and mental health, at global level it could only mean creating the space and the time for international peace and unity through friendly, healthy and fruitful competitions between nations.

You’re black?, You’re white?, You’re a man?, You’re a woman?, You’re from the East?, You’re from the West?, You’re rich?, You’re poor?, you are formally educated?, you are not?....... What does it mater? As long as you are human and you are here to celebrate the common goal of friendship.

What better way to seal those friendship ties and to foster positive change in individuals, in, nations and in the world than through...
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