The old spice case - marketing communication analysis

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The old Spice case
Product positioning:
it is the perception in consumers’ minds of the nature of a company and its products relative to competitors. It has to do with quality, prices, distribution, image and marketing communication. In the old spice case, they use a well-known spokesperson to market their product. I this case he conveys to women telling them that their man should stop using old lady scented body wash and switch to Spice and they will look like him and probably smell like him as well. He links the product to the smell of adventure which makes the quality of the product stand out. This is because the smell of fresh air when you’re on an adventure is no better than anything else. He also mentions that if your man uses spice it will be the best nigh of your life. That is an exaggeration to prove that the product is of good quality and worth your money. Product attributes

This involves promoting a unique attribute that is superior or different from the competition. In the old spice case they use “The man your man could smell like”. The spokesperson has linked himself to the product and the audience. He catches the women’s attention by telling them wouldn’t you want your man to look like me. And he starts the commercial by saying look at your man and now, look at me. If you are a huge fan of this former NFL player you would probably run to the store and buy this product for your man. This way he has made his customers men and women because the man would want to buy it and the woman would want to buy it for his man. It’s now a vast population. Benefits

This is what a customer receives after buying the product. So the benefit in this case is that your man will smell like him. And it will be the smell of fresh air. Appeal
This commercial has a sense of humor. One moment he is in the bathroom then he is on a boat and then he ends on a horse. It can’t help but make someone laugh. The other appeal he uses is a sex appeal. First of all he is shirtless and he is very muscular so obviously the women will be very attracted to the man and to the commercial and will never forget it. Values

Value is not just a single element (price); it encompasses a range of attributes of your goods and services for which customers are willing to pay. Value is provided by a good’s or service’s low cost, by its highly differentiated features or by a combination of low cost and high differentiation, compared with competitors’ goods or services. Value can be separated into seven components:

- service
- response
- variety
- knowledge
- quality
- guarantee
- price
In this case value is referred to as how your man could smell like. He will end up smelling like the former NFL player and it is definitely worth your money. So in this situation the price of the product is not the case.

PART 2 -Emotional advertising
In this advertisement they make use of affective strategies to entice the customer to buy Old Spice Shampoo. The advertisements key message is that Old Spice will make you become manlier, thus focusing on the feeling that men want to be manly, or more so then they are now. They do the same for women, who allot of the time buy shampoo for their men. Women want their men to be real men, masculine men. The Old Spice campaign, featuring an attractive muscular man who tells them that their man could at least smell like him, gives them the impression that they too can have a man that’s as manly as the actor in the commercial. They entice the consumer to buy their product by linking a feeling of masculinity to their product. How leverage is created

The benefit of smelling like a man ties in to the personal values of a man. The masculine body of the actor reminds the viewer of their want to be manly. Smell like a manly man, be manlier then before and show others that you have a sense of humor by using the Old Spice product. The leverage point in the commercial helps the consumer link the products benefits of Old...
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