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From What Simple Things Come

Why is it that everything in life has to have a conflict? Whether it is good or bad, something has to trigger it. In The Old Man in the Sea, a character, named Santiago, fell into a conflict of inadequate proportions. He went out into the sea, searching to find something that might take his life complete, to maybe find some serenity. Not only did he find it, but there was a catch. Was Santiago strong enough to keep it? Was he strong enough to take on the beasts in the water? Santiago caught a fish, not only the fish that he would have waited eighty-five days for, but a fish in such gigantic means that he could have waited a lifetime. All Santiago needed was a little hope and encouragement to help him on his quest. Santiago found comfort in the animals surrounding, such as the fish, the birds, and the turtles. “He was very fond of flying fish as they were his principal friends in the ocean” (29.) It was that the ocean was just like him, lonely and isolated. It was a comforting thought that these animals were always there with him, as if they were guiding him throughout his quest. These fish were companions to Santiago, they made him feel as if there was always someone there, always watching. He watched the flying fish burst out again and again and the ineffectual movements of the bird. “That school has gotten away from me, he thought. They are moving too fast and too far. But perhaps I will pick up a stray and perhaps my big fish is around them. My big fish must be somewhere” (34-5). Santiago related to the fish as family, like brothers and a hope to gain respect by the constant battles he has with them. “ No flying fish broke the surface and there was no scattering of bait fish. But as the old man watched, a small tuna rose in the air, turned and dropped head first into the water. The tuna shone silver in the sun and after he had dropped back into the water another and...
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