The Old Man and the Sea

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All good novels do more than tell a story. As we watch characters responding to situations, we have an increasing of life itself. The Old Man and the Sea earned its author the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for 1952, and was instrumental in winning him the Nobel Prize for Literature two years later. It is a short novel about Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman who has gone for 84 days without catch. Therefore the boy, Mandolin, who used to sail with him, is forced to leave him and catch in another ship. The old man insists on fishing alone and at last, he hooks an eighteen-foot, giant marlin, the largest he has ever known. But the fish is very powerful and disobedient. It tows the old man and his boat out to sea for 48 hours, with the old man bearing the whole weight of the fish through the line on his back. The old man, with little food and sleep, has to endure much pain and fights against his treacherous hand cramp. To his great excitement, on his third day at sea, he succeeds in drawing the weakened marlin to the surface and harpoons it. On his way home, he lashes marlin alongside his boat because it is too big to be pulled into the boat. Unfortunately, the come across sharks in different numbers for four times. The old man fights to kill the sharks with as much might and many weapons as he can summon, but only to find a giant skeleton of his marlin left after his desperate defense. At last, Santiago, having lost what he fought for, reaches the shore and struggles to his shack. He falls into sound sleep, dreaming of Africa, and the lions again. His struggle wins him much respect. There are two important characteristics in Hemingway’s Art style: simplicity and subtleness Simplicity is mainly reflected in the description of scenery and a lot of emotional penetration, Implication and full of profound artistic features influence his works. The Old Man and the Sea typically reflects his unique writing style. This paper aims to discuss the writing style and techniques in The Old Man and the Sea. Of course, Hemingway has used many techniques in this novel, such as realism, the creation of suspense, monologue, etc. In unity of design, character-drawing, knowledge, and style lies the artistry of the novel. II. Achievements of Hemingway

2.1 Achievements
Literary language of Hemingway can be divided into two kinds: one is the narrative language; the other is the dialogue. Hemingway With these innovative language arts, he created a unique style of literary prose. In this paper, is to research The Old Man and the Sea linguistic features and narrative technique simple analysis. Roughly analysis the unique writing style and the formation of the causes and effects。 Hemingway is well-known due to his language. With much care and effort, he created a very influential and immediately recognizable style. “The style he created in his early work, such as In Our Time and the Sun also Rises, was almost too good. Like the style of certain painters, it tended to become a manner, rather than a flexible way of responding to experience and conveying fresh insights through words.” Hemingway was a very high artistic achievement of writers, the language style of concise concisely, unpretentious, and even the world of contemporary literature, Western literature has far-reaching and wide-ranging implications. Noun structure, free indirect discourse, and repeated measures such as the clever use of language makes this masterpiece of popular short stories into one of Ernest Hemingway. Among all his works, The Old Man and the Sea is the most typical one to his unique language style. Its language is simple and natural, and has the effect of directness, clarity and freshness. This is because Hemingway always manages to choose words “`concrete, specific, more commonly found, more Anglo-Saxon, casual and conversational.” He seldom uses adjectives and abstract nouns, and avoids complicated syntax. Hemingway’s strength lies in his short sentences and...

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