The Oil Industry Meet the Internship Report

Topics: Petroleum, Oil refinery, Natural gas Pages: 5 (2002 words) Published: September 23, 2012
The oil industry meet the internship report
preface Sometimes the wind and rain, even if the sun is shining is not also young soldier muttered angrily, Qingdao the weather always like this comfortable. Suddenly, came to the seaside city has a year of time, this time the oil industry cognition practice, give this year was the perfect end. In order to to the oil industry specializing in the production of establish perceptual knowledge and consolidate what they have learned theory knowledge, cultivate the ability to analyze and solve problems, direct contact with the petroleum industry, cultivate the dedication to work and the sense of responsibility, in July 5 to 10 days, 10 class all the students to participate in the six-day practice, as one, I feel very honored and cherish, and a responsibility and hope. This practice is mainly divided into two aspects: in the lecture hall oil industry related theoretical knowledge learning and to Qingdao big oil refining and raised oil depot field visit. Practice content Theoretical study In the practice of the first four days, everyone gathered in lecture hall, study the petroleum industry theory knowledge. Only tube before there have been related course of study, but knowledge is still appear scattered, this time is rare finishing and consolidate the opportunity. Theory knowledge study mainly involves the oil and gas storage and transportation, oil introduction to geological exploration, introduction to oil and gas field development technology, petroleum refining and introduction to from Qingdao refining, huang dao the depot and China merchants securities of experts to the actual working condition of the lectures. Introduction to oil and gas storage and transportation On July 5, in the afternoon, ChuJian college ZhangShuWen teacher introduced us to the oil and gas storage and transportation of relevant knowledge, mainly from oil and gas, storage, transport meaning; Oil and gas storage and transportation task; Oil and gas storage and transportation system and development; The main content of oil and gas storage and transportation four aspects. Oil and gas storage and transportation just as its name implies is the oil and gas storage and transportation. In the oil industry internal it is joint production, shipment, pin every link connection, including the field of oil and gas gathering and processing, oil and gas long distance transportation, the transport hub of the storage and loading and unloading, and terminal distribution depot marketing, refinery and petrochemical plant oil and gas storage and transportation. Popular speaking, from the oil was adopted to finally into the consumption field, were related to oil and gas storage and transportation, each phase of the content is also complex, each have exquisite. Oil and gas gathering and transferring flow field refers to the oil well from field to field oil depot and long distance gas piping head of the entire process, at this stage need to be well measurement, oil and gas collection, oil water separation, the original Petroleum geological exploration introduction On July 6 morning we had petroleum geological exploration related knowledge learning. Tan teacher tells the hydrocarbon generation gathered conditions and process, the method of oil and gas exploration procedure of knowledge. Petroleum geology in ordinary little chance to contact, exploration and development is far away, it a rare contact let me full of curious, also sincerely admire geological workers take the bull by the horns of the spirit. By the drilling depth limit, the development is the main organic cause of oil and gas. Need a large amount of hydrocarbon generation and organic matter existence, suitable environmental conditions. From oil and gas accumulation into oil and gas geological foundation to have high requirements, not only need to meet with source rocks, reservoir, caprock and trap four elements, but also to experience migration, accumulation, preservation...
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