The Odyssey Years

Topics: Developed country, Development, Cyprus Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 5, 2013
David Brooks in his article “The Odyssey Years” has mentioned that it is a new phase of life which is a sensible response to modern conditions. I agree with his argument. Because, if we consider the situation of youths in underdeveloped countries which are not modern, we will realize that they do not usually go through this phase of life in there.

In developed countries where people live modern lives, their kids have less responsibility, but there are more competitions and challenges at every stage of life. For instance, in the article it says that these days kids experience more structured childhood; parents pay more attention to their kids and carry more responsibilities than before. Consequently, these kids are not ready to face the sudden changes in life when they turn 17 or above. So, they still tend to depend on their parents, delay their employment, marriage etc. On the other hand, in modern countries as the standard of life is high it requires hard working and highly educated youths. Therefore, there are more challenges and competitions. As the author explains it, the people have to work hard, or study more to get a permanent job, or a job that is most wanted. In general, kids at the end of adolescence years find it hard to stand on their own and to adjust to such a highly challenging life.

On the contrary, in underdeveloped countries which are almost a hundred years behind developed countries kids do not usually experience odyssey years. The reason is that these countries are not modern, and the standard of life is very low which mean people do not have easy lives. Parents are not able to care or give enough protection to their children. As result, kids have to go through lots of sacrifices. These experiences prepare them to face all the challenges of life in an early age. For instance, most of Afghan males have to find a job at their twenties so that they can financially help their families. In short, this phase of life is not even known or...
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