The Odyssey Thesis Paper
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The Odyssey Thesis Paper

Logan Austin Pajuelo

Mr. Gruber

English 1 Honors, Period 3


Hunger, whether a literal hunger or a hunger for power has always been a downfall for humankind. In the Odyssey hunger destroys the lives of many men. Even though the Odyssey is just an epic it reflects in many ways how hunger can ruin and sometimes even destroy someone’s life. In history, hunger has shown itself in many different and unique ways. For example Hitler’s hunger for power destroyed millions of lives. It forced millions of people to move their homes and change their lives or to even lose their lives. Hunger has caused people and even entire nations to be decimated. If people could control there hunger the world and its people would be a safer and happier place. In this epic hunger rules all.
In the Odyssey Odysseus shows several types of hunger. One that stands out above others is Odysseus hunger for knowledge. Odysseus is always on a quest for knowledge. To him knowledge is more powerful than anything else. No other weapon can stand up to knowledge. This has put Odysseus and even his crew in much danger and trouble in “The Odyssey”. Odysseus shows his hunger for knowledge in the “Lotus Eaters” when he sends his men to scout the land when they get to the land of the Lotus Eaters. If he would have never done that he would not have lost two of his men to the mind numbing effects of the Lotus plans. One of Odysseus’s other crazy acts to learn knowledge was in the “Cyclops”. In the epic Odysseus led himself and his men into a Cyclops cave. This caused several of his men to be eaten by the Cyclops. Many of Odysseus’s men have died because of his hunger for knowledge. Odysseus shows his hunger again when he ventures into the land of the dead! The man is so crazy to even try to go to the Underworld. Odysseus lives for wisdom and something that shows knowledge is everything to him is that the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena has taken

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