The Odyssey Books 23 and 24

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Odysseus basically ells Eurykleia he would kill her if she didn't keep his being on Ithaka a secret. And now, Penelope reprimands Eurykleia for waking her up and telling her Odysseus had returned and killed all the suitors. Its hard not to feel pity for teh old maid who even served as Odysseus' own nanny al those years ago. We know that Greek society did not put much value on women or servants, and that violence was an acceptable way to punish.

Penelope reveals her crafty side when she seemingly dismisses Odysseus' request for a bed with a simple command for Eurykleia disguised as a test for Odysseus. This, and her tricking the suitors for three years with the burial shroud shows not only her cunning, but also compatibility with Odysseus, the master tactician.

The reunion with Laertes is somewhat anticlimatic, why does Odysseus contine to lie to yet another person, even when his task of giving the suitors what they deserve is completed?

Laertes shows his sorrow by sifting "handfuls of sunburnt dust" over his head, the way ancient Greeks grieve is heartbreaking.

How did the news of the suitors slaying spread so fast? It couldn't have been Dolios or his sons because they welcomed Odysseus like loyal men.

When Athena and Zeus are discussing, Athena mentions something about "blot[ing] out the memories of the sons and brothers slain". And yet later on, she allows and even empowers Laertes, for Eupeithes, Antinoo's father, to be speared. Only afterwards does Athena appear to scatter the mob. And with that, The Odyssey concludes.
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